acrowcity (acrowcity) wrote in bird_macros,

A city of crows, and some off-center commentary

Hi! Just wanted to introduce my comic-blog to the group!

This is ACrowCity, where antagonizing insights combine with avian intelligence. I am a bird lover, bird feeder, comic writer, and general malcontent. I live in a little ocean-side berg I call "Terminal City", where I take photos, mostly of crows. Lately, all my good shots have been from the beach, as that seems to be where the crows will get the most social with me.

Basically, I'm just a little spot of comedy with crows, and I'm looking for some livejournal friends!

Here's a little sampling of what we do...

Snapshot 2009-05-31 18-05-34

Snapshot 2009-05-29 11-16-31

Snapshot 2009-06-19 10-58-24

If you're at all entertained by this sort of thing, I try to update 3 to 5 times a week, here at livejournal!
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